Tara Cosplay (Tara-Nicole Azarian in real life) is the energetic, quirky host of the hit webshow, "Nerdtabulous." She is known for her unique combination of girl-next-door sex appeal and brains! She is well known in the cosplay community as the pin-up cosplayer with a cheeky sense of humor. Her Instagram feed always provides a good dose of eye candy and clever puns.

She’s been a Covergirl for Cosplazine Magazine, had a three page spread in Delicious Dolls Magazine and an 8 page interview and pictorial in Simply Sxy Magazine.

In addition to cosplay, she’s a well known Indie filmmaker , model and actress as Tara-Nicole Azarian! Tara has worked in TV, Film & commercials.

She graduated High School at the age of 14 and made a name for herself in the Indie Film. She has written & directed 6 films, two webisodes, has been to over 150 film festivals and won 5 Telly Awards. This multi-talented lady never disappoints! Make sure to visit her Tara Cosplay website where you can learn more about her!