Niicakes, or “Nico”, is a self-taught cosplay artist, model, and licensed hairstylist based in Los Angeles, California. Since childhood, Nico has had a growing fascination and admiration for art and Japanese animation.

In 2007, Nico’s love for these subjects led them to their first experience with the world of cosplay at Anime Expo, which is now known as one of the largest anime conventions in America. Although Nico had no prior sewing or costuming training, it did not stop them from cosplaying; even at their first convention! Since then, Nico has been attending and performing in several projects and events regarding J-Pop culture and cosplay.

Through the past decade, Nico has excelled in their passion of costume making, wig/hair styling, modeling, and makeup. They take great pride in making cosplays that are as lifelike and true to character as possible. With these skills, Nico also does wig commissions and hair for other cosplayers and events.

Every day, Niicakes continues to grow as an artist and encourages everyone to try the beloved art of cosplay!