Bowbat is a cosplayer based in Southern California. She has been cosplaying for over eight years, and since elementary always had a passion for dressing up. She sews most of her cosplays herself and enjoys bringing her favorite characters to life. Magical girls are her favorite to be, as Madoka Magica, Card Captors and Saint Tail inspired her a lot growing up. Bowbat is a voice actress for commercials and companies and dreams to some day voice in cartoons and video games. She loves meeting new people and eating as many sweets as possible.

Cosplay makes me really happy, it's a hobby that means a lot in my life. I've met a lot of friends through cosplay as well as been apart of unique experiences! I've worked at a cosplay store, held panels, been invited as guest, modeled and had a small fan base grow. It's been a very rewarding and fun journey that I hope to do until I'm old enough to be grandma Sophie :)! -Bowbat